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6 Years of LabelLos.de
Dark Electronics
From Medieval to Goth Metal

Doors open

20:00 - 21:30     LIVE: Adversus
21:30 - 22:15 LIVE: Christine Plays Viola  


22:00 - 23:30   LIVE: Accessory
23:30 - 01:00 LIVE: Twisted Nerve

Dark Electronics-Aftershow



Of course there will be suitable canned music before and between the concerts.

The Aftershow-Parties

bc-Club: DJ Raul (Moritzbastei-SLT / GPP-Pfingsten / Cemeterydance, Leipzig) & DJ Sleeper (Katacombe, Jena / E-Burg, Erfurt) - Gothrock - Deathrock - Postpunk - Dark 80ies - Minimal

bh-Club (two floors): DJs Darkbeat (Moon Light Dance), DJ Dean Freud (IS:SIX, Erfurt / WGT, Leipzig) & DJ CO2 (Bunker, Dresden / WerkII, Leipzig) - All Styles Of Dark Electronics

bi-Club: DJ Da Isch (German Gothic Radio (Official), Schwarzer Bahnhof, Gera) & DJ Killerkarnickel - From Medieval To Gothmetal

open end

+ Bagpipe & drums by Nar Shaddar

+ Fire show

+ Specials: atmospheric light entertainment, barbecue, special drinks

Bild Oswald Henke  


Founded in the late 70s, the Postpunk veterans Twisted Nerve from Scotland are definitely known for energetic concerts. A mixture of Rock, Punk, and Gothrock influences makes every track a dance floor killer! When frontman and singer Craig seductively works the crowd, Rikki Stiv (guitar), Norbert Bassbin (bass), and Billy D (drums) put on an excellent show. Especially the impulsive, burning basslines immediately hook up the audience - an experience you should not miss. Whatever classic they play - "Scaramouche", "Seance", or "Five Minutes Of Fame" - they will make you move! The party gets even higher as the first chords of cover versions like Velvet Underground's "White Light, White Heat" or the Stooge's-Hit "Search & Destroy" are heard. Fans of Iggy Pop, Siouxsie and the Banshees, or Killing Joke shouldn't miss out on these fabulous Scotsmen!


Accessory - GO! GO! GO!

Formed in 1994, the Chemnitz-based German band Accessory has become a renowned name in the German Electro scene. With their excessive live shows and massive sound, the group and its singer and mastermind Dirk Steyer quickly acquired a worldwide fan base. Although their music is up to date, Dirk Steyer and Mike Koenigsberger know their roots, which go back to the sound of bands like Mentallo & The Fixer or Front 242. Their modern, unique and fresh EBM sound with "a healthy bit of extravaganza" was captured on 11 releases so far. But not only this - their excessive shows lead to such a great reputation that culminated in repeated tour supports for international top acts like Skinny Puppy, And One, or Hocico in Europe and America. Now it's time for the sonic steam hammer to visit Ilmenau at the bh-Club. Let's hope the walls will be solid as a rock.


  Bild Vendemian
Bild H|Insane  


The anno 2000 established Gesamtkunstwerk (holistic performance) Adversus consists of plenty forms of expression - from their unique musical variety to painting, to the writing of singer and mastermind Torsten "Rosendorn" Schneyer. Their first CD "Winter, so unsagbar Winter..." brought them already overwhelming reviews in the genre press and up to their current release "Der Zeit abhanden - Elf Märchen für Entflohene" this hasn't changed a bit. Ever since, the band Adversus has been attaching more importance to quality than to quantity - and so it shouldn't come as a surprise that Adversus won't do an ordinary gig at the bi-Club. Be prepared for a journey between a reading of Rosendorn and an acoustic session with female and male singer, contrabass, piano, and guitar. So let's delve into the world of Adversus or "Entflieht!".


Christine Plays Viola - GOTICO ITALIANO

With Christine Plays Viola we welcome another international act to this year's Campus Noir. Formed in the Abruzzi in 2008, the music of the four-piece Italian band ranges between atmospheric Darkwave and Gothrock. They integrate even electronic sounds, which, together with Massimos massive dark vocals, increase the emotional density. With their echoing guitars and driving rhythm, Christine Plays Viola aquired good reputation for their live performances, while the variety of their sets reaches from faster danceable tracks to melancholic mystical songs which send shivers down your back. After a couple of releases over the last few years (e.g. their debut album "Innocent Awareness" in 2011), contributions to miscellaneous compilations and concerts in Italy, Austria and Switzerland, Massimo (vocals), Fabrizio (lead guitar), Desio (bass) and Daniele (drums) will now come to Germany to give us a lesson in Italian goth culture.


  Bild Christine Plays Viola