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7 Years of LabelLos.de
Dark Electronics
Arcane Delights
19:00 Einlass
20:00 - 21:15     LIVE: Vic Anselmo
21:15 - 22:30 LIVE: Scofferlane  

Neoklassik/ Medieval-Aftershow

22:15 - 23:30   LIVE: Steinkind
23:30 - 00:45 LIVE: Soror Dolorosa

Dark Electronics-Aftershow



Of course there will be suitable canned music before and between the concerts.

The Aftershow-Parties

bc-Club: DJane Madlyn ("Vanity Noire"/"WWWY", Leipzig; "Schattenanz", Jena) & DJ Marco K. (ex-BIT79; "Ritual" / "Afterhours" / "Snakedance", Dresden) - Gothrock - Deathrock - Postpunk - Indie - Minimal - Goth Classics

bh-Club: DJ Praktikant ("MLD", Ilmenau) und DJ Dean Freud (IS:SIX, Erfurt) - All Styles of Dark Electronics

bi-Club: DJ Killerkarnickel ("Schwarzer Freitag", "MLD", Ilmenau) & Hollo (Saalgärten, Rudolstadt) - Neoklassik, Medieval, Ethereal Wave, Electronic Poetry

open end

+ Specials: atmospheric light entertainment, barbecue, special drinks

+ CD- & merchandise sale by afmusic

+ Merchandise sale by Unknown Pleasure

Bild Vic Anselmo  

Vic Anselmo

Rarely you will find an East European artist, who is so inspiring like the latvian beauty Vic Anselmo. It is not surprising that she is one of the few in her country with a high profile abroad. The work of Vic Anselmo is as eclectic as her influences, who range from Pantera and Porcupine Tree to Lisa Gerrard. Her musical horizon spans from straight Gothmetal across sensitive ballads to shades of blues and folk. In addition to the touring with her band across Europe, she enchanted the audience as support act at the complete "Indicator" tour of Deine Lakaien, successfully completed an acoustic tour with Antimatter, sang in duet with Mesh, performed with Das Ich and on every notable festival stage of Western Europe. Furthermore, she is the voice of Inner Fear, a project created by Cradle of Filth drummer Martin Karoupka. At Campus Noir III she will perform only with her piano and her stunning voice to charm the audience in Ilmenau. We are pleased to welcome her here!


Soror Dolorosa

In recent years Soror Dolorosa evolved to the number 1 in French Gothrock. With their second album "No More Heroes" they consolidate this reputation impressively - they show good Gothrock does not have to come from the Island. "Soror Dolorosa" means something like "Sister pain" and this may indicate a musical direction, but Soror Dolorosa is more than an inheritor of The Sisters of Mercy and on stage considerably more interesting. The band proved this by two European tours last year - with Alcest in February and with the Australian band Heirs in September 2012. It is a fact that Soror Dolorosa not only rock at faster tracks, but even bring the bittersweet songs and ballads to you with an expressive, powerful and genuine stage performance - as nature had an understanding and brought some The Cure to The Sisters. Soror Dolorosa is a dark musical masterpiece, risen from the ashes of the 80ies and yet a unique experience! We are happy that they will take on the long way from Paris to Ilmenau to enshroud the stage of the bc-Club in darkness and haze.


  Bild Solor Dolorosa
Bild Solor Dolorosa  


It is safe to say they are something of a rarity in these days. The Moscow-based band Scofferlane, woven around the charismatic singer Stuart Stumpman, rank amongst the most fascinating artists of the Russian music scene. More than a few think they are something like the new Bauhaus or Joy Division, especially regarding their strong live performances. Between hysteria, morbid sexuality and a slightly arrogant insanity, Stuart Stumpman moves on the stage - a bit maniac, a bit eccentric. Augmented by his spellbinding voice, he makes you feel depression and melancholy in a positive way. The music of Scofferlane is marked by rough post punk sound with complex melodies and a wide range of instruments. A soundtrack is created in the heads of the audience, reminding them of either classical film noir scenes or David Lynch movies, depending on the mood of the listener. Now they proceed to Western Europe for the first time. And we were not able to resist - we had to invite them for Campus Noir III.



They are the musical fire accelerant in a war against an ailing society. With the maxi-single "Deutschland brennt!" Steinkind initiated the beginning of thier own era in 2006 and since then they don't mince their words in this endless fight against stupidity, babbittry and moral decline. "Arsch rein, Brust raus!" (Ass in, chest out!) - Steinkind are kicking asses from the first to the last minute of their live shows! No one is missed out - whether industrial and financial cooperations, state institutions, bods or beguilers - everyone gets what's coming to them. The lyrics of Steinkind are clear, sometimes ambiguous, but by all means understandable for everyone and, together with their musical bandwidth, unique in the genre of electro-anarcho music. This is what their first three studio albums "Vom Hier im Jetzt" (2007), "Galle, Gift und Größenwahn" (2009) and "Etappe 011" (2011) have in common. For the promotion of their fourth album Steinkind will enter the stage at the bh-club and give an Thuringian-exclusive performance at Campus Noir III!


  Bild Steinkind