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8 Years of LabelLos.de
Dark Electronics
Schwarzromantische Tanznacht
19:00 Doors open
20:00 - 21:00     LIVE: Eden weint im Grab (Acoustic set)
21:00 - 22:00 LIVE: Life As Art (Götterdämmerung side project)

Schwarzromantische Tanznacht

22:00 - 23:15   LIVE: Chrysalide
23:15 - 23:35

Freaks On Fire - Fire show
Venue: Grill'n'Chill Area

23:35 - 00:35 LIVE: EX-RZ (EX-Red Zebra)

Dark Electronics-Aftershow

Schwarzromantische Tanznacht


Of course there will be suitable canned music before and between the concerts.

The Aftershow-Parties

bc-Club: DJ Knüpfi ("A Night With The Cure" / "Vanity Noire" / "Indiependent Complex", Leipzig) & DJ Evangel (Das Bett / The Cave / "Desperate Society Party", Frankfurt am Main) - Gothrock - Deathrock - Postpunk - Indie - Minimal - Goth Classics

BH-Club: DJ Dirk Steyer (Accessory-DJ-Set, Chemnitz) & DJ Killerkarnickel ("Moon Light Dance", "Schwarzer Freitag", Ilmenau) - All Styles of Dark Electronics

bi-Club: DJ Remo Sorge (Kreuzmühle, Rübeland/Harz) + DJ Kirby ("Black Friday", Ilmenau) - Schwarzromantische Tanznacht

open end

+ Specials: atmospheric light entertainment, barbecue, special drinks


Pre sale tickets!


EX-RZ (EX-Red Zebra), electronic version

For over 30 years Red Zebra count among the most influential Belgium New Wave and Postpunk bands. Their hit "I can't live in a living room" is still an absolute classic. At present Red Zebra founder and vocalist Peter Slabbynck is back on stage with EX-RZ (EX-Red Zebra). And why not? Neither their music lost the strength over the years, nor the lyrics have lost any of their relevance.
But stagnation is regression, and so EX-RZ will perform a best of set of Red Zebra as well as their new single “Bankers will never be beggars” at this years Campus Noir.
Driving bass lines, sweeping guitars, a singer who lives his music without compromises. New wave, postpunk, punk at it’s best – energetic, danceable, sociocritical! It is scorchingly hot again at the bc-Club!




Campus Noir 2014 EX-RZ (EX-Red Zebra) LineUp

Eden Weihnt im Grab - Campus Noir 2014


Eden weint im Grab

"Poetic, melancholic, romantic, morbid and as gloomy as the night"
A special acoustical event is waiting for you at the bi-club this year. Eden weint im Grab (engl: „Eden cries in the grave“) or short EwiG combines elements of Gothic- and Black Metal, Doom, fair music and radio play - and all this not only as a fully electric Metal version, but also unplugged at this years Campus Noir.
Since their debut album „Traumtrophäen toter Trauertänzer“ in 2004 - which was downloaded more than 60.000 times - the band around mastermind Alexander Paul Blake spooks around in the scene with a constantly rising presence. This was shown in the recent years by many concerts with well-known bands like Diary Of Dreams, Das Ich or The Vision Bleak. Additionally to the standard rock instrumentation they will lead you with cello and violin to their morbid world to narrate their story about death, transiency and darkness.



At the BH-Club you all can look forward to a true "bass quake" this year!
The new incarnation of aggression is called Chrysalide and this one comes with deep basses like a punch in the gut, with critical but intelligent lyrics about life, politics and economy these days and with three men on the microphones, who stage this with an unbelievable degree of authentic rage.
21st century industrial Chrysalide calls there style of music between Noise and Industrial with influences from Dubstep, Harsh-Electro and many other genres. They don't deny the heroes of their youth like Skinny Puppy, Velvet Acid Christ or Dive, but they are lifting it up to a new age – This is their 21st century Industrial!
After a short tour in Canada the french trio Chrysalide brings its new studio album onto the stage in Ilmenau at this years Campus Noir. There's not much known about the third opus, but let's have it with their second one: "Don't be scared, it's about life!" – and life is hard and bassy!



Campus Noir 2014 Chrysalide LineUp

Life As Art - Campus Noir 2014


Life As Art

When they first introduced their new project to us with the words "...it's something between The Jesus And Mary Chain, A Place To Bury Strangers and Cheap Trick with electro sounds!" anticipation came up within us. And after some demo tracks we were sure: We are happy to welcome Life As Art for their premiere at Campus Noir!
With Life As Art the two visual artists, musicians and Berliners-of-choice Marc Bijl and Almar David are breaking new grounds after 20 years with their “Art-Goth” band Götterdämmerung. Dark shoegaze coupled with noise rock and postpunk basslines, garnished with electronical elements and lots of fog on the stage is the result.
"The sound consists of beautiful swirling guitars with electronic beats and shots in the dark of noise and machinery... A romantic desire of lust, trust and sadness.....melancholic hard boys. Enjoy the noise." (Marc Bijl)
We are pleased to present you another extraordinary concert at this year’s Campus Noir IV!









Program: special concert Árstíðir + Golden Apes, St. Jakobus church 26.09.2014


  St. Jakobuskirche Ilmenau

doors open


LIVE: Golden Apes


LIVE: Árstíðir


Aftershow @ bi-Club

The aftershow

The aftershow for this special concert takes place in line with the "Black Friday" and a “Campus Noir Warm Up” at the bi-Club. DJ Paulus (bc-Club resident DJ) and DJ Killerkarnickel (Moon Light Dance) will spin the right tunes for you!

Pre sale tickets!

Arstidir - Campus Noir 2014



“Shit. I mean: WOW! Where should I start? Can words express the feelings Árstíðir creates, at all?” (Louise Petersson, The Reykjavík Grapvine)
Árstíðir is a vocal-based, acoustic band from Reykjavik/Iceland with a really unique sound. Their music is a rare blend of clearness and complexity with varying influences from indie, progressive rock, chamber music and Icelandic folk - and this with polyphonic voices. A warm stream of acoustic and baritone guitars, virtuosic piano, insane cello and violin is floating. The result is extraordinary wide range of soundscapes with vocals in the foreground.
The video clip of Árstíðir singing the Icelandic hymn “Heyr, himna smiður” in a station hall received more than one million clicks on YouTube.


Golden Apes

“Since it was given birth back in 1998 the GOLDEN APES has been known as a shimmering gem in the independent wave- and gothic-scene. It is the difficulty of a rigid definition und their versatility, that provides the band a status stamped by requirement and content, making them an important constant within the musical landscape, that lies beyond the common mainstream.
From the band name, borrowed from the writings of Friedrich Nietzsche, through to the powerful picture language and surrealistic items, which are basics of the bands oeuvre, conducted by Peer Lebrecht's poetic lyrics, which are thematically on a restless scout among melancholy and mystic, emotion and philosophy, sustained by catchy but complex arrangements, which avoid to bow to borders and conventions for keeping a emotional depth between melody and emotion, between roughness and longing.” (Vito Schneider)




Golden Apes Campus Noir 2014