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Pictures: CAMPUS NOIR 2016

LabelLos.de Oldschool Celebration
Dark Electronics
From Dark Romantics to Goth Classics
19:00 Doors open
20:00     LIVE: Die Kammer (DE) (minimized)

LIVE: Burning Gates (IT)


Dark Romantics-Aftershow

22:20 Oldschool-Celebration LIVE: Henric de la Cour (SWE)
23:15 LIVE: No More (DE)

Dark Electronics-Aftershow

00:30 Oldschool-Celebration

Of course there will be suitable DJing before and between the concerts.

The aftershows

bc-Club: LabelLos.de - Oldschool-Celebration
by DJ Gianfranco (Grotesque Modena, Italy) & DJ Cyberpagan (Outsider-Party, Braunschweig)
Gothrock | Deathrock | Postpunk | Indie | Minimal | Goth Classics

BH-Club: All Styles of Dark Electronics
by DJ Shadowboy (Klangstabil, Leipzig) & DJ Killerkarnickel (Ilmenau)
Electro | Industrial | EBM | Synthiepop | etc.

bi-Club: From Dark Romantics to Goth Classics
by DJ Remo Sorge (Kreuzmühle/Harz) + DJ Kirby (Ilmenau)
Neoclassic | Medieval | Neue Deutsche Todeskunst | Goth Classics


+ Specials: atmospheric light entertainment, barbecue, special drinks

+ Art exhibition by "Incestum" & "Danjela Diamond"



Henric de la Cour (SWE)

You could describe his music simply as alternative synth pop, but that would never go far enough for this year’s artist at the BH-club in Ilmenau. Henric de la Cour is considered the maverick antihero of Swedens music business, as a singer, a songwriter, and frontman, whose musical darkness derives from his permanent battle with his own mortality, whose creativity evolved to an important weapon for his own survival. If nothing else, his singularity was appreciated by the Swedish national television with a 40 minute documentation.
After nearly two decades as the singer of the Swedish indie cult band Yvonne and its follow-up Strip Music, Henric de la Cour takes the stages under his own name since 2011.
Henric de la Cour – theatrically video clips, expressive live performances, sinister and epic – we were seldom more excited!
”I’ve always had the attitude that my music should sound more like a funeral than a birthday party.”




Campus Noir 2015 LineUp Henric de la Cour



Campus Noir 2016 LineUp 1919



No More (DE)

NO MORE's existentialist „All Is Well - Senza Macchia“ accompanied a gloomy TV movie of the „Tatort“ crime series, Nick Cave is alleged to have said about their classic „Suicide Commando“ that it is the perfect expression of the 80s underground.
They founded their band in 1979 when Punk and New Wave swept away the 70s, disbanded in 1986 when the 80s were too much 80s.
In the end of 2008 Tina Sanudakura and Andy Schwarz were back, playing more than 150 concerts throughout Europe since then. Now they are more successful than ever and produced three new studio albums.
With their new, highly acclaimed album „Silence & Revolt“ they are pushing into new directions: like the „Westzeit“ wrote: " ... their new work impressively proves how to evolve without loosing ones own roots."
It is not every day that you get to see such a vital, energetic und intense Post-Punk-Pop-Electronica performance.



Die Kammer - minimized (DE)

Who would be better suited for this year’s acoustic part of Campus Noir than a band, which was only established to play acoustic music? We’re happy to welcome Die Kammer (minimized) for the lineup of Campus Noir VI!

Marcus Testory (Ex Chamber) and Matthias Ambré (Ex ASP) established Die Kammer in 2011. With their, "seasons" called, and therefore a kind of cycle following studio albums (newest is "Season III - Solace To Insanity"), and up to eight musicians on stage, they delighted their audience with their vision of dark, pure, acoustical music ever since.

And because they love, what they are doing, and they are able to do, what they are loving, they will win you all over at 24.09.2016 with "pure handmade music by Die Kammer" (minimized) at the bi-Club.





Campus Noir 2015 LineUp Die Kammer (minimized)

Campus Noir 2015 LineUp Burning Gates


Burning Gates (IT)

Last but not least you can look forward to really massive oldschool Gothrock. Burning Gates, Italian Gothrock flagship already in the 90s, will be stopping by in Ilmenau during their farewell tour.
In their backpack they will bring their current best-of „Shadows Of The Past: A Retrospective“, and the boys around the charismatic frontman Michele Piccolo know what they're doing. From hard riffs via demanding drum work through to the typical flanger effects nothing is left out, and, together with the deep and powerful vocals, one is frequently remembered of Fields of the Nephilim or Garden of Delight. But with Burning Gates you get considerably more speed, which makes their music much more danceable and makes you sweat!
Welcome Burning Gates to the darkest night of the year! Let the fire burn!