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LabelLos.de - Oldschool Celebration

All Styles Of Dark Electronics

Schwarze Reiselust - Quer durch die Szene


Doors open



LIVE: Oberer Totpunkt


LIVE: Machinista


LIVE: Der Himmel über Berlin





Special: Regina & the Very Hot Boys
Depeche Mode meets Punk (Location: Grill'n'Chill area)






LIVE: Schneewittchen


LIVE: 1919

Dark Electronics


Schwarze Reiselust



Of course there will be suitable DJing before and between the concerts.

The aftershows 

bc-Club: LabelLos.de - Oldschool-Celebration
by Djane Madlyn (Vanity Noire, Leipzig) & DJ Sleeper (Fade&Remain, Saalfeld)
Gothrock | Postpunk | Batcave | Dark-80s and more

bh-Club: All Styles of Dark Electronics
by DJ Scanner (Jena, Kassel) & DJ Killerkarnickel (Ilmenau)
Electro | Industrial | EBM | Synthiepop | etc.

bi-Club: Schwarze Reiselust - Quer durch die Szene
by DJ Satyr (Weißenfels) + DJ Kirby (Ilmenau)


+ Specials: atmospheric light entertainment, barbecue, special drinks

+ Art exhibition: Surreal collages by Frank Melech

Campus Noir 2017 Frank Melech





1919 (UK)

Stamping, danceable and forceful Postpunk with no frills – that is how 1919 from West Yorkshire entered the stages in 1980.
The same year well-known Radio DJ John Peel discovered 1919 and invited them for one of his famous John Peel sessions. Straight away this culminated in their first record deal, followed by the release of three singles, the album “Machine”, and the EP “Earth Song” until 1984. Sharing the stages with artists like Killing Joke, Southern Death Cult, Nico or New Model Army illustrates the musical sphere in which they sailed. But then stages had to get along without 1919 for nearly 30 years.
In 2014 the founding members Mark Tighe and Mick Reed were back with a new bass player (Karl Donner) and new blood on the microphone. The voice of Rio Goldhammer (Ex-Stiletto Farm) brings the forceful, rough mood of the post no future generation and so do the new songs of the upcoming LP “Bloodlines” - merciless and authentically on stage, sweaty for the audience!





Campus Noir 2017 LineUp 1919




Campus Noir 2016 LineUp DIVE




Without him the dark eclectronic music scene is unthinkable: 13 years after his last studio album "Behind the sun" Dirk Ivens aka DIVE puts out his new record "Underneath" in collaboration with Ivan Iusco (Minus Habnes) and Rafael M. Espinosa (Geistform).
Since 1990 Dirk Ivens (The Klinik / Absolute Body Control / Sonar) operates solo under the name DIVE, a mixture of minimal, hypnotic and rhythmic beats combined with haunting vocals and lyrics about hope, fear, love and death - primitive, harsh and experimental with an evolving sound. With a minimum of equipment - armed with a minidisc, megaphone and two stroboscopes - Dirk Ivens creates a maximum of power and he proved worldwide on many stages that less means more. Welcome to the bh-Club, DIVE!




Der Himmel über Berlin (IT)

Two angels, Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds, Wim Wenders –
a classic of German cinematic art gave his name to our second artist belonging to the category of guitar driven oldschool Goth – Der Himmel über Berlin.
Driving drums, thick bass lines, swirling guitars and the passionate vocals of singer Teeno are taking Fans of melodic Postpunk, flanger effect Gothrock guitars and traditional Darkwave on a gloomy danceable journey full of melancholy.
After their debut album “Memories never fade” and the followup releases “Shadowdancers” and “Emesys EP” Davide, Stefano, Riccardo und Teeno are back with their new long-player “Amnesia” bringing it up on stage in Ilmenau. Let’s welcome Der Himmel über Berlin with a proper wall of fog – Welcome to the dakrest Thuringian forest!




Campus Noir 2017 LineUp Der Himmel über Berlin



Campus Noir 2016 LineUp DIVE



Oberer Totpunkt (DE)

“Da die Welt nun also bewiesenermaßen erheblich verrückter ist als vermutet, bleibt festzuhalten: Neurosen blühen!“ (Since the world is madder than assumed - as has been proved - it needs to be noted: neuroses bloom!) With their fifth album "Neurosen blühen" (neuroses bloom) the brute-apocalyptic spoken word project Oberer Totpunkt again puts its finger into the wounds of mankind close to the abyss. Martial drumbeats meet the gloomy and morbid recitations of Bettina Bormann, minimal electronics meet rock guitars - demanding, danceble, loud! What Bettina Bormann and Michael Kruger brought into being in 2006 as an artist duo may have its roots in the so-called "Neue Deutsche Todeskunst" of the early 90s or also in the 80s avantgarde with icons like Anne Clark, but evolveed to so much more in the past years, now including influences of industrial rock and also drum'n'bass. Nerver stagnate, always push ahead!



Machinista (SE)

Electropop? Synthpop? It doesn’t matter what you call it. What John Lindqwister (Cat Rapes Dog, Basswood Dollies) and Richard Flow (Vision Talk, Haze For Sale) put together under the name Machinista is perfectly suited to never let your feet stand still.
Since Machinista released their cover version of David Bowie’s “Heroes” and the follow-up single “Molecules and carbon” in early 2013 with excited feedback from the scene, they came up with a more fantastic releases (like their full-length albums “Xenoglossy” and “Garmonbozia”) and a lot of live performances throughout Europe. You notice immediately: They want to play, play, play! And this joy of playing is promptly transferred to their audience - they want to dance, dance, dance!
Who they are? They are rockets!




Campus Noir 2017 LineUp Machinista



Campus Noir 2017 LineUp Schneewittchen



Schneewittchen (DE)

"There, where genre boundaries don't suit any longer, Schneewittchen are feeling at home."
A spine-crawling voice power and a musical portfolio ranging from baroque chamber pop to revue songs to danceable indie tracks makes the duo from Hannover unique within the german musical scene. The typical "Schneewittchen-inbetween-sound" is a melange of dark-erotic cabaret, melodious pop songs and scary and sinister ballads.
From small bandstands to the big stages, the live shows of excentrical singer Marianne Iser and the man on the keys Thomas Duda are notorious for more than 20 years now. On stage they are celebrating and dissecting everything - from the declaration of love up to murder, from joy of life up to the yearning for death. They polarize, they confuse, they take no prisoners! Love it or hate it!