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Since their establishment at the end of the 1960ies, the student clubs of the Ilmenau University of Technology enrich the life of local students as well as leave their mark on the cultural life of the city and its area. The clubs are run by volunteers and offer a versatile cultural programme all around the year with reasonable prices. Besides weekly parties, these clubs are the localities, where concerts, readings, game evenings, or special theme events take place.




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"Exciting sounds for a rotten world" - True to this motto, LabelLos.de is your online portal for information around music of the goth scene and related styles. LabelLos.de was established in 2006. From oldschool Gothrock and Postpunk to EBM and Industrial, Medieval and Horrorpunk, almost all dark styles are there. LabelLos.de provides news of the scene, concert and party dates, and reviews of releases and concerts, too. LabelLos.de is backed by its extensive band and concert database - because everyone knows: Live is better than canned music! Tune in at LabelLos.de!


Moon Light Dance


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One of the theme events taking place at the bh-Club is called 'Moon Light Dance (MLD). The monthly recurring MLD is an inherent part of more modern goth styles and one of the regionally acclaimed gatherings of the Thuringian scene.