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Terms & Conditions

  1. Beverage cans and cartons as well as bottles are not permitted to be taken in to the event.
  2. No weapons of any kind, illegal substances, pyrotechnics, and clothing with anticonstitutional symbols or icons to be brought into the festival. Any found will lead to prosecution.
  3. Festival organizers accept no responsibility for lost, damaged or stolen property and/or personal items and/or injury. All objects brought along shall be in the event venues at customer's risk. The customer shall be liable for damages to the building, furnishings and other objects provided by the festival organizers.
  4. It is not permitted to take photos or shoot videos, not even for private purposes. It is permitted to take photos only for private purposes using a camera without interchangeable objective.
  5. Tickets may be validated only once. Visitors will get a stamp at the entrance. No replacement in case of loss or damage. Attempts to defraud will lead to prosecution.
  6. The stamp grants access to all of the three clubs (bc-, bh-, and bi-Club) and all shows on the day of the event.
  7. In case of acquisition of a reduced ticket, the guest has to proof his/her authority by showing his/her student ID or unemployment card to the entrance staff. Otherwise the normal price must be paid. A student ID is only valid in conjunction with an identification card or passport.
  8. Obey the security services' orders!
  9. No entry for persons under the age of 18! No entry without a valid identification card or passport.
  10. If the event has to be cancelled, the entrance fee will be refunded at the bc-, bh-, or bi-Club.
  11. Based on the capacity limitations it is possible that temporary entry stop will be imposed. This is not a reason for any refunds.
  12. Concerts and dance events can cause damage to hearing and health. The festival organizers accept no responsibility for any injuries. Enter at your own risk!
  13. No smoking inside the venues. We ask our guests at the outdoor area to pay attention to their sound level.
  14. In case of noncompliance with the rules above, the person concerned will be banned immediately from the festival, without refund of the entrance fee.

Despite these necessary rules, the festival organizers wish you a pleasant and eventful evening!