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Ashton Nyte - The Voice of The Awakening!

We're a little proud that this works! 😊 "Johannesburg's Bowie" is how music journalists describe Ashton Nyte due to his wide-ranging musical styles and theatrical performance. He is regarded as one of the top singer/songwriters, has headlined festivals with 30,000 visitors with his goth rock band "The Awakening" and has worked with Peter Murphy, The Mission, All About Eve and members of The Cure, among others.
Now living in the USA, South African-born Ashton Nyte has also released eight solo albums and is now coming to us to headline the small bi-Club with his intensely dark voice and extraordinary aura. It's going to be a fantastic evening!
The line-up for this year's Campus Noir XI is now complete. On 27 and 28 September 2024 it's time for: Eleven years, three clubs, one black campus! We hope you can hardly wait and are looking forward to two wonderful nights full of dark sounds at the concerts and after-show parties in our clubs! 🦇 You can find the ticket pre-sale here: Campus Noir XI ( Come round and have a blast! 🖤

The Spiritual Bat - Bats, bats everywhere!

It seems that this year's warm-up to Campus Noir is all about great female voices. With their mixture of ethereal rock, gothic and death rock and Rosetta's aura and voice - somewhere between heavenly voices, shamanic seductress and powerful rock vocals - The Spiritual Bat from Italy will get you in the mood for a weekend of festivities. Almost ten years ago, Dario and Rosetta took to the stage of the bc Club for "Gloomy Sunday" and even then it was an extraordinary experience. This time they are joined by Sydney Mars from the Mescaline Babies on bass. Let's see what else they surprise us with! Feel the spirit of the bats!

OSZYLAYTER - The new local heroes

Why go far away when good things are so close! Oszylayter from Erfurt are new, but no strangers.
Andreas Schubert and Danny Hildebrandt, the organisers of the Fourscher Festival, released their debut album "Hate This Day" as Oszylayter last year and immediately hit a notch that urgently needs to be filled in the electro scene. Aggressive and fresh, there is no standard electro here, genre boundaries are actually broken. It's clear from the first listen that Keith Flint (RIP) from The Prodigy would have been pleased with it. On the second listen, there are also some reminiscences of the recently disbanded, late Skinny Puppy and even the Red Hot Chili Peppers. But enough words, you have to see this live - it goes straight into your skull! That's exactly what we need! This makes you sweat!

Fangs on Fur - Bloody Vampires!

Wherever they perform, not a stone is left standing! For this year's warm-up at the bc-Club, Fangs on Fur from sunny Los Angeles will sink their fangs into your fur. Nowhere else are goth, punk and post-punk so perfectly fused as in the cradle of death rock on the west coast of the USA. With Fangs on Fur, one of the most energetic bands of the Californian underground is coming to us and they have promised that they will also have material for their new album in their luggage. Yes! ????
We are already very excited and guarantee you a sweat-inducing Campus Noir XI kick-off on Friday! It's going to be sensational!

Project-X - 30 years, still here!

Classic Swedish EBM with electro-industrial influences will be banging in your ears this year at the bh-Club when Torny Gottberg - after his appearances with Henric de la Cour and Cryo - takes to the Campus Noir stage with project-x. Has he ever disappointed you?
With dance floor fillers such as "The System Is Dead", "Fearless", "Infected" and "Reminder", they toured Europe and America well into the 2000s. Now, 30 years after the founding of project-x and a comeback show on the NCN mainstage last year, the Swedes are celebrating their milestone birthday with the big 3 at Campus Noir XI. We feel honoured!
Beats, beats, beats, plus aggressive lyrics, voice samples and spherical synth pads - project-X has everything that makes good, dark electro. It's going to be hot, it's going to be loud and it's sure to be a concert to dance nonstop!

Psychoformalina - DIY-Postpunk made in Poland since 1995

Do you know this? You're standing in the audience, the concert starts, some people are still chatting, but after a few beats everyone is looking mesmerised towards the stage... They still exist, those bands that captivate the audience from the very first minute. One of them is Psychoformalina.
The raw energy of Joy Division in the days of "Warsaw" or Killing Joke's "The Wait" wafts through the room. Driving post-punk with a charismatic singer, animalistic rhythms and psychedelic excursions - and you're dancing right in the middle of it. Despite their thirty years of existence, the band around singer Bartek Glanc are still relatively unknown in our region. That has to change! For Campus Noir XI, Psychoformalina will take you on a journey in the bc-Club that will make you forget the world outside for a moment and let you feel the atmosphere of the early post-punk era in the here and now. Long live the underground!

Die Tödin - Trve Darkwave from Gelsenkirchen!

If you could smell music, the odour of incense, patchouli and decomposition would fill the listener's nose from the very first sounds of Die Tödin. But even before this happens, the minimalist rhythmic machinery has already set the legs in motion. With Der Tödin, Neue Deutsche Todeskunst meets minimal electro with extreme dance potential - or as she defines it herself: "Trve Darkwave from Gelsenkirchen". Goth clichés, destructivism, mental illness, death - lyrically, nothing dark and morbid is left out and you always ask yourself "Is this irony? Or is she being serious? Should we call an ambulance? Or is a psychiatrist enough?" Don't worry, Die Tödin still has a lot planned. So let's assume that she will survive Campus Noir and dance merrily into doom at the bi-Club!

Bloody Dead And Sexy - Postpunk? Goth-Punk? Psychedelic Deathrock?

It took a whole nine years for the latest album "Fade To Glitter" by German flagship death rockers Bloody Dead And Sexy to finally see the light of day. And what a great album it has turned out to be! Now with five members, the band around singer Rosa Iahn once again proves its exceptional status in the German Tradgoth scene. You can see this for yourself at Campus Noir XI in the bc-Club. We are looking forward to the songs from the new record as well as scene classics such as "One By One" or "A Friend In Mescalin" from the BDAS repertoire and are already cleaning our boots and spikes!