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9 Years of LabelLos.de
Dark Electronics
From Dark Romantics to Goth Classics
19:00 Doors open
20:00 - 20:45     LIVE: Brigitte Handley (Akustik-Set)
20:50 - 22:00

LIVE: Date at Midnight


Dark Romantics-Aftershow

22:00 - 23:15 Oldschool-Celebration LIVE: Klangstabil
23:15 - 23:35

Freaks On Fire - fire show
Venue: Grill'n'Chill ArealVenue:

23:40 - 00:45 LIVE: Still Patient?

Dark Electronics-Aftershow

Dark Romantics-Aftershow
00:45 - 01:45 Oldschool-Celebration LIVE: Other Day
ab 01:45 Dark Romantics-Aftershow

Of course there will be suitable DJing before and between the concerts.

The aftershows

bc-Club: 9 years of LabelLos.de - Oldschool Celebration
DJ Piet Noir
(Erfurt) & DJ Paulus (Ilmenau)
Gothrock | Deathrock | Postpunk | Indie | Minimal | Goth Classics

BH-Club: All Styles of Dark Electronics
DJ Scanner
(Jena/Kassel) & DJ Killerkarnickel (Ilmenau)
Electro | Industrial | EBM | Synthiepop | etc.

bi-Club: From Dark Romantics to Goth Classics
DJ Satyr
(Weißenfels) + DJ Kirby (Ilmenau)
Neoklassik | Medieval | Neue Deutsche Todeskunst | Goth Classics

open end

+ Specials: atmospheric light entertainment, barbecue, special drinks



Tickets in advance sale!



The musical uniqueness of Klangstabil, based in southern Germany, does not need an introduction anymore. Even if Boris May and Maurizio Blanco started the band as an instrumental project in 1994, their "Direct Talking Lyrics" evolved to one of the signature features of their music. Together with the pumping basses and the spherical synthesizers the band's sound made its way to every scene dancefloor over the years, electro/industrial parties as well as oldschool events. Tracks like "You May Start", "Kill All Lifeforms" or "Math & Emotion" are still filling the dancefloors all over Europe. With their latest studio album "Shadowboy" in 2013 Klangstabil presented a record which again left a lasting impression in the brains of their fans. We are happy to welcome Boris and Maurizio this year at the bh-Club!




Campus Noir 2015 Klangstabil LineUp

Campus Noir 2015 Still Patient LineUp


Still Patient?

The Gothrockers Still Patient? from Worms truly hav been around. The band around Singer Andy Koa was born in 1988 and influenced the German scene for over a decade. During this period their sound evolved from the Sisters of Mercy or The Mission-like beginning to the more heavily pace, which dominated the German Gothrock scene more and more at the end of the 90ies. Massive touring around Europe and not least their theme song "Shadow Of The Empire" for the computer game "Battle Isle 3 - Shadow Of The Emperor" brought them internationally awareness, before the splitting of the band in 1999.
After thirteen years the former members Andy Koa, M. Beck und Hedge Kaluza reunited in 2012. With a bunch of remasterd songs as well as new ones from the EP "Selective Perception" Still Patient? are back to set the stages on fire - melodic, gloomy, and powerful!


Other Day



A 20th anniversary of a band is in every case a reason to celebrate, more than ever in such a special scene like ours. Not every band has that much staying power. But because of their musical quality and creativity Other Day gained their own loyal supporters over the last two decades and bind them until today.
Born in the Neue Deutsche Todeskunst era, Sad on the microphone and Niha-Ceta on cello will drag you in their maelstrom of modernism and classicism, of melancholy and beautifulness - musically and visually. Electronic soundscapes complemented by unusual instruments like theremin and didgeridoo, choral elements, and percussion enframe the spoken lyrics of Sad's emphatically voice. Together with the uniqueness of the protagonists this creates the Gesamtkunstwerk called Other Day! This will again be an extraordinary concert at the bi-Club!




Campus Noir 2015 Other Day LineUp

Campus Noir 2015 Date at Midnight LineUp


Date at Midnight

It's a rare event to see them in Germany and therefore we are looking forward even more to this years appearence by Roman band Date at Midnight.
Born in the Eternal City in 2007, Date at Midnight quickly established their reputation in Southern and Western Europe. No wonder, because Daniele De Angelis (Vocals), Pasquale Vico (Bass), Francesco Barone (Gitarre) and Francesco Mignogna (Drums) combine the best of good old Goth time with their very own charming attitude to an intense and striking mixture – sublime live show and duty to dance guarenteed!
Beside songs from their selftitled EP and their debut album "No Love" there may be a good chance to hear some new material as well as the one or other famous cover track.
"...the instinct of Post-punk, the dramatic attitude of Deathrock and Gothic Rock, and the atmosphere of (Italian) New Wave in a very personal style."


Brigitte Handley (The Dark Shadows)

However you label the music of "The Dark Shadows" - "Goth-a-billy", "Dark Edged  Punk Noir", "Vampire-Psychobilly" - the all-female band from Sydney is one of the figureheads of the Australian scene. Not least this is proved by their extensive touring on four continents! That apparently led to a special connection to the German language, resulting in their cover version of the Grauzone classic  "Eisbär", which advanced alongside "Sleeping with a vampire" to one of their most-played dance songs.

Now Brigitte Handley will come back to Germany with her guitar for some solo acoustic shows. This time she carries not only the well-known Dark Shadows songs, but also rare B-sides and unreleased material. Did we have any other chance than inviting her? No, certainly not! :) After the appearence of The Dark Shadows at the bi-club in 2009, there will soon be a reunion with the "Goth-a-billy“-queen from Down Under.




Campus Noir 2015 Brigitte Handley LineUp